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10 Days of Vipassana- My Personal Experience

Ten days of Vipassana didn’t give me superhuman abilities(which is sad) or “changed my life completely.” By the 2nd day, I wanted to run away, and go back to the comfort of my own home. But I was too much of a coward to run away, so I stayed. I think pain and misery are the most excellent teachers in life. When we are happy or accomplish something good, we rarely think about the lessons it taught us. We remember the happy moments and almost always discard the rest as something trivial.

Each day, things got even harder. But overall, the pain and misery the experience brought were worth it. If it were not for those uncomfortable moments, maybe it would have taken me years to realize some of the things that I now understand. Pain is a beautiful teacher that teaches us the value of life and living.

Meditation Retreat

I hope that the one person that reads this will understand that if you have ever thought about going to a meditation retreat like Vipassana or any other (I believe meditation has become somewhat of a trend in recent years). Understand that it is not easy; it is tough, and frankly, you will feel miserable almost every day that you are there. But in the end, you will come out happier and be glad that you went through something like that.

Many times I think we get too comfortable with what we have. We forget that anytime anything can happen and life can take a turn for the worst. And at that point, there is an excellent chance that our minds would want to give up. Going through something like Vipassana and living a life of a semi-prisoner for 10 (*12) days helps you to understand how much of a mental resilience you have (and you will be surprised to find out that it’s not very much). It will test Your ability to weather the storms that are probably brewing in the background, which will probably rip apart the foundations that you have been building for so long.

So pain helps; misery helps, and eventually, you will be happy again, and the cycle starts all over again without warning. Right now, If you are in a dark place, try to find an as-semblance of light in that darkness and understand that the sun will eventually be bright enough to shine through. And if you are in the right place, be wary of the darkness, because it is right around the corner, biding its time to strike when you are at your most vulnerable.

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