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How to Mine an Asteroid | Part 2

Now that we have an idea as to why we should mine an asteroid, the next question on the list must be to answer how we might go about doing so? If you have not read the previous article, I...


Why to Mine an Asteroid| Part 1

Nauru is a small island nation that was once the wealthiest country in terms of GDP per capita. Due to its remote location in an ocean, birds used the island’s grounds as a transit location. They would reach the island...


Book Building System In Nepal | All that you need to know

I want to start by saying that not every company about to issue an IPO can raise funds under the new Book Building System. The book-building system’s primary objective is to provide an incentive for highly profitable companies in Nepal...


the power of compound interest |One equation to rule them all

This article is about the power of compound interest. Here I will explain a literal equation and not the self-help kind. If you are familiar with basic economics or basic mathematics, you might know this equation already. I know boring,...


How to open a brokerage account in Nepal| What are IPOs & FPOs?

The concepts of IPO (Initial Public Offering), FPO (Follow-On Public Offering), and the secondary market are quite easy to understand. Although, the primary fundamental principles of understanding how to invest will take a lot of trial and error. The topic...


10 Days of Vipassana- My Personal Experience

Ten days of Vipassana didn’t give me superhuman abilities(which is sad) or “changed my life completely.” By the 2nd day, I wanted to run away, and go back to the comfort of my own home. But I was too much...

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